Did you notice water sprouts growing on the tree in your lawn? Water sprouts are not really that appealing with their unpredictable growth patterns. They’ve got a tendency to grow outward in a range of directions. This results in an unappealing and messy look.   

To make things worse, water sprouts are extremely vulnerable to pests and disease. For those who don’t know, the thin shoots that originate from the trunk of a tree attract wood-devouring pests as well as disease-causing microbes.   

If you want to have a healthy and appealing lawn, you have to get rid of water sprouts. Aside from that, if you do not want to hire an arborist Sunshine Coast professional to cut your dead tree, you’ve got to take preventative measures.  

You Should Not Prune Too Much 

If you over prune a tree, it can develop water sprouts. This is particularly true if you prune the canopy of a tree aggressively.   

For those who don’t know, over-pruning promotes stress. This might encourage trees to develop water sprouts on the trunk.   

Of course, you can still prune your trees. However, you’ve got to be careful to lower the amount of stress it creates. An excellent general rule to follow is to prune no more than 1/3 of the branches of a tree. It might develop water sprouts if you prune more than 1/3 of the branches of a tree.   

Always Be Careful of Damages 

Water sprouts can develop through physical trauma. The biological defense mechanism might tell the tree to grow water sprouts if its trunk is damaged. Thus, whenever you are working on your lawn, you have to be cautious to prevent your trees from physical trauma.   

Hitting the trunk of your tree accidentally with weed eater or lawnmower can cause it to grow water sprouts.   

Get Rid of the Water Sprouts Correctly 

Pruning the water sprouts is the most successful method to deal with them. You might kill water sprouts if you use an herbicide. However, it comes at the cost of also damaging the tree in the process. You can safely get rid of water sprouts without harming the tree if you prune them.   

If possible, you should try to cut water sprouts as close to the trunk of the tree whenever you’re pruning them. The remaining ¼ might regrow if you only get rid of ¾ of a water sprout.   

You have to prune the flush of the water sprouts with the trunk of the tree to stop them from re-growing. You can also hire a professional tree service company to get rid of the water sprouts for you.   

Water Your Trees Properly 

It is vital to regularly water the trees. Else, new water sprouts might develop. Oftentimes, a tree can develop water sprouts because of stress.  

Water sprouts are a biological defense mechanism that is made to help trees thrive. For instance, a tree might develop water sprouts in an effort to stay alive when it’s dehydrated severely.   

Thus, you’ve got to take protective ways towards watering the trees on the lawn.